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Buy purchasing this item you are commissioning a small or large framed Bumble Bee painting. The outer measurements of the small, framed Bumble paintings are 7x8" or 18x20cm H/W. The large, framed Bumble Paintings are 10x11" or 25x28cm H/W.


The minimum lead time for a Bumble painting is six weeks based on my current schedule and drying times. 


After purchasing your bumble, please send an accompanying commissions email to with the specifications for your painting which includes the following:

  • Frame colour. Either a specific name of a paint colour, a description or an accompanying image of a previous bumble colour that you like.
  • Number of bumbles (one or two)
  • Size of the bees (chubby bumbles or small bumbles)
  • Position of the bumbles (if you have a preference). 
  •  A note of the date (if any) that you would like your painting to be delivered by.


I will contact you on reciept of your email and purchase to confirm your commission ans discuss your ideas further if required.


I gift-wrap all of my paintings but please notify me at checkout if you need your painting for a specific date or occasion and I will include an accompanying card for the recipient. 


If you have any questions about the commissions process, please email me at before purchasing your commission. 

Bumble Bee Commission

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